Smarte WMS

The SolPrint Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive system that will drive efficiencies and control within the warehouse reducing picks and minimising distribution costs.

As an integral part of the SolPrint Management Information System (MIS) a client facing branded Shopfront allows for orders to be raised from graphical client-specific catalogues and where required an integrated Web2Print allows for item personalisation for Print on Demand (POD) items.

The Order Management System allows orders to be combined based on originating destination reducing the Picking and Distribution costs.

A complete Delivery to Put away process provides overview of scheduled deliveries, control of goods receipted and supports Quality and Checking tasks within the process.

The SolPrint WMS allows both multi warehouse and multi locational stocks enabling support for any central located or diversely distributed warehousing network.

Stock can be defined as either Customer specific or generic with extensive Pricing and Invoicing rules based on a Client’s profile. Grand Parent, Parent and Child rules enable flexible but manageable configuration of the rules.

Integration with the SolPrint Store Management System allows for control of what items are available to a store based on their specific profile. 

Seamless integration with Courier systems allows for the client to track their orders from within the SolPrint portal with automatic links to the Courier tracking systems.

Automated workflows can be assigned to individual stock items in the event the stock reaches a reorder level or where the item is Print On Demand (POD). With workflow support for both internal and external production you can streamline the Order Management process at an item basis.

If an item has been personalised using the Web2Print module then the resulting PDF is either passed into the internal production process or made available to the Supplier through the SolPrint Supplier Portal.

All key tasks are auditable within the SolPrint WMS and provides control and flexibility in a fast moving business environment.

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